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Goldwood School was built with money in the treasury of Goldwood Township (about a mile and a half on Center Ridge) which was left when Fairview withdrew from Goldwood Township to become Fairview Village (entire Goldwood Township had been the southern part of Rocky River Village prior to this). Officials of Rocky River Village promised people living on the west end of Center Ridge Road that money in the treasury would be used to build a school building if they would join Rocky River Village. This was done, much to the joy of all property owners on Center Ridge. September 1928, Goldwood School opened with about forty pupils. Miss Ethel Davis taught first and second grades, and Miss Emlen Cawrse taught third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades. With permission of Mr. W. W. Andrew, Superintendent of Schools of Rocky River, Miss Cawrse gave extra time after the regular school day to fourth grade pupils and they did fourth and fifth grade work in one year. In September 1929, Miss Davis taught first, second and third grades and Miss Cawrse the fourth, fifth and sixth grades. Miss Cawrse served as principal. In October 1929, Goldwood School Parent Teacher Association was organized by Miss Cawrse, with a membership of about thirty-five. Mrs. H. L. Asplin was first president with an able group of officers. The P. T .A. held meetings an afternoon each month sponsoring many evening meetings such as lectures, card parties and social gatherings for the community. Mr. Andrew often congratulated the group on the large attendance and interesting meetings of all P. T. A. affairs. Mrs. G. R. Montgomery was second president and brought additional new and progessive ideas into the association. Beautiful pictures were purchased for the schoiol. The years the school was opened were thoroughly enjoyed by all. One of the pupils who started school at Goldwood at the age of five years, graduated from Rocky River High School as one of three joint valedictorians, she being a year younger than the other two whose grades were the same. Many lots had been sold and homes erected which would have increased the attendance at Goldwood. Lots sold in the Anderson-Uffendell Division (now Forest Drive) and Wagar Road were not paid for in the depression days. In June 1931 Goldwood School was closed and pupils were transported to Beach School. After two years Wooster School was reopened. Miss Cawrse continued teaching at Beach School until June 1947 when she retired so that she might spend more time in travel.

Reference: Ralph D. Richards, Instructor, Rocky River High School, and Ron Gable, RRHS Class of 1952; "A History of the City of Rocky River;" Rocky River Historical Society; 1953.

Additions to the original Goldwood School were made in 1952, 1959 and 1975. The original Goldwood School became the Educational Service Center housing the Board of Education offices. The ESC was demolished in 2012 after the Board offices moved to the renovated wing of Beach School. The remaining Goldwood Primary School currently serves grades K-2.